Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Birthday Girl

Today is my (Becky's) birthday, made extra special by a blood moon eclipse! Very nice!

We borrowed the marina van and visited some of our favorite retail establishments this morning: Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Sam's Club, and Publix. I LOVE Publix grocery stores! They make me forget that I miss Hy-Vee. 

John and Kathy from "Serenity" stopped by for a chat, then Mark and I walked to the nearby Florence/Laudedrdale Tourist Center. It's quite an impressive facility with exhibits, gift shop, and of course tourist information. As I was signing the guest book, the volunteer staffer asked where we were from. Lo and behold, she used to live in Davenport, Iowa! Listening to her speak, I said she obviously didn't live there very long! She said she had worked with a woman from Muscatine- when she told us her name I was amazed-- it is the mother of our son's best friend! If that wasn't coincidence enough, she told us her next job was with Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency!!  (This is where I worked for 10 years!) How crazy is that? We knew some of the same people. It really is a small world.

This evening six of us ate dinner at City Hardware in downtown Florence- Sue and Bud, fellow Iowans on When I'm 64, and Kathy and John on Serenity. The food was delicious. I decided to embrace southern cooking and had shrimp and grits- very yummy- while Mark had a crab cake sandwich that he enjoyed. We returned to our boat for a night cap.  A terrific birthday!

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