Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Johnsonville, Tennessee

We left our anchorage this morning after 2 amazing nights and continued upriver, but down south on the Tennessee. It was smooth sailing all morning!


We pulled into Pebble Isle Marina near New Johnsonville, TN, shortly before noon.  We added 125 gallons of diesel fuel and had our waste tank pumped out. We averaged a little over 3 miles per gallon over the last 400 miles- not bad at all!! Nothing like my Camry, but great for a boat!

Split rail fence in the park

We borrowed the marina's loaner van with Island Time and Young at Heart and visited nearby Johnsonville State Historic Park. I did know that the original town of Johnsonville was submerged in 1944 when Kentucky dam was built, hence the name "New" Johnsonville. Today I learned that Old Johnsonville was a significant river port that was used by the Union during the Civil War to supply troops. In November 1864 Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest put an end the the depot by attacking from across the river, firing upon anchored Union naval transports and supplies stacked up along the docks.  The Union commander then set everything on fire so the supplies and boats would not be captured. It was too little too late to affect the outcome of the war. Today the area is a beautiful park in which visitors can see rifle pits and redoubts. (small earth-enclosed forts)

Rifle pit explanation

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