Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On the Tombigbee

We had a big day today. We left Joe Wheeler Park around 9AM after hearing that Wheeler Lock would be ready for recreational boats in 40 minutes. We had just 2 miles to cover and we arrived in time to lock through with Panacea, Attitude Changer, and Integrity after a brief wait.  We were very fortunate, since only the small auxiliary lock is in operation, which means towboats take a really long time to break apart and lock through. There is quite a backup of tows at this lock.

Tow finishing up at Wheeler Lock

About 16 miles downriver we locked through the 93 foot drop at Wilson Lock. This time we didn't wait at all! Unbelievable! It did take 45 minutes to drop down- this is the biggest drop we will experience on the entire Loop. 

Given our good speed so far we decided to head for Aqua Yacht Harbor rather than Florence or Grand Harbor. We sped up to an atypical 10 a 10.5 statute miles per hour. We ran with Panacea all day and arrived at our destination just after 5 pm. After getting fuel and a pump out we were set for the night. This Marina gave us a free night with the purchase of fuel, and the staff and facilities are great. 

The other boaters went out for supper but I needed to use up a few things - so I made Smoked Sausage, Kale, Quinoa and Cider Skillet dish from Yummy!

Tomorrow will be another long cruising day for us as we take advantage of perfect weather.

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